Why Choose Us?




Unlike many other services providers in this sector, each member of our professional training team is a Specialist in their field - meaning that they understand precisely what the issue is and know exactly how best to address it. Specialisms included drugs, alcohol, loss, grief, anxiety, depression, suicide, self-harm, stress, bullying, adolescent-issues and patient advocacy. 



All our associates are competent and experienced coaches, therapists and/or trainers committed to facilitating proven learning practices using evidence-based research


Proven Approach

Our training is based on Kolb's Experiential Learning - an effective and proven staged learning approach that combines four clear stages of learning 1. experience, 2. perception, 3. cognition, and 4. behaviour.  


Accredited, Qualified and Highly Experienced Team

We are experienced by our experiences.  Our associates are highly qualified in their field, professionally accredited, and have been working as professional therapists and trainers for decades.  We recognize the value in guided support through shared experiences and have coaches born out of their own journeys in recovery, separation and divorce, depression, anxiety, bullying, sexuality, stress.


Strong customer relationships

We have clients across the Media sector, the Government sector and the Education sector, and we get most of our business through referrals from our client base. See some of our Testimonials


Most importantly, we value people, and we ensure that people get the right professional with the right expertise for their needs.