No More Diets (An increase in energy level and alertness, A more positive relationship with food, improved health, easier movement, and improved body image)


Alcohol Consumption (Improve your general health, improve your appearance and how you feel overall, drinking less will have a positive impact on other aspects of your life including your relationships and work)


Master Breathe (Improve sleep, boost immunity, improves blood flow, increases energy level, stimulates lymphatic system, reduces inflammation, improves digestion and relaxes the body and mind)


Parenting a child with and through their anger (improve calming techniques, understand anger triggers, patterns, outbursts, responses and impulse control)


Parenting a child with and through their anxiety (help your child understand and manage their anxiety, help your child cope with anxious situations, respect their feeling while not empowering anxiety and build a coping kit)


Parenting conversations about Drug Use (understand the Irish drug culture, understand drug influences on your child, understand patterns of drug use your child may be exposed to, be open in your conversations about drug use and safety with your child)


Coping with Separation/Divorce (conscious uncoupling, parenting as a separated unit, understand children’s perspective and developments, reduce conflict)


Stress Management (Increase your energy, reverse ageing, improve your physical health and boost your immunity, coping skills and learn the four pillars and techniques of stress management)


€60 per course , commitment of two sessions either online or inperson


Reserve your place with Grainne 0894371173.  Classes are limited to 8 persons.