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Wednesday Wisdom

Trust!? What is trust? Who can we trust? Why do we trust?

Basically we all want to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm us, or that something is safe and reliable. Trust is more than this; trust is an emotional brain state, not just an expectation of behavior.

For me trust has being that invisible indescribable feeling that makes wonderful relationships and chips away at dysfunctional relationships whether they are family, romance, work, friends.

Trust is cornerstone of any and every social relationship In well-functioning relationships, individuals can trust that a parent or romantic partner will show them love, that business partners will hold up their end of a deal, and that someone in a position of power will wield it responsibly. To an extent, people also trust complete strangers—doctors, taxi drivers, first-time babysitters—to follow social rules and not to take advantage of them or their loved ones despite the opportunity.

At our core as human beings we have a fundamental need to feel secure. And when we don’t feel safe with a person, environment or information presented to us we draw inward, becoming skeptical of things that are different from what we believe to be true. We feel vulnerable. So we look the same, act the same, are still in those relationships but internally we feel different.

I call this feeling, the benefit of the doubt. If your body or mind is telling you to give them the benefit of your doubt, that doubt is a warning that your trust has been broken. Listen to that niggling feeling

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