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Wednesday Wisdom

Yesterday I had a personal phonecall that infuriated me. It was a difficult conversation with the father of my children. I thought we reached a new milestone as separated parents. I will not call it coparenting because separated/divorced parents do not coparent, it is not possible but separated parenting is - that's another days blog. On reflection, I knew better. Today it occurred to me what my learning from this was; it is the difference between being wise and smart. I should have stayed quiet, listened with all of my knowledge and goals. I know who I am and the person I am becoming but yesterday when i was upset, a friend said, just write down the 10 things you want to achieve today and break your day into chunks. This helped me take action, get focused and not get stuck in the upset. Who I am does not require anyone's approval, I am learning from my mistakes and sharing my mistakes so we can learn from eachother. Coping with separation and divorce and supporting your children through the transitions is not easy. In fact it is turbulent, longterm and exhausting with consistent pressures from children, teachers, exs, solicitors, mediators, in laws/ex laws, birthdays, christmas, children milestones; its endless. Separation and divorce is categorized as an adverse childhood experience; we provide emotional and mental wellbeing coaching for parents and children and practical supports, call Wellbeing Training and WeCare Clinics 0894371173

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