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Wednesday Wisdom

Stop. My learning for today is to just stop. We all want to hold onto the happy moments, take a photo, stop and just breath it in. But the uncomfortable moments, the niggling feelings, the unhappiness, the sadness, the upset; we try distract ourselves, to push it down and push on. There's something bothering me at the moment. I cannot just suppress what is bothering me. Unfortunately I have to address it, I have to find my ways to recognize the niggling feeling, meditate, journal, talk, contemplative music to figure it out. Figure out what is the niggling, why is it here, what can I do about it and then I can let it go. It is easy, when you know how to lift yourself and hit mood lifting buttons - vitamin B, more exercise and walks, my mood lifting music playlist, more work, more time for others, more time with my family. Recognize your up buttons. #wellbeingtrinaing.ie

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