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Tuesday Transformation

Distress, stress, apathy, uncertainty, confusion, anger, anxiety, frustration are some of the emotions that have being expressed to me over the past 24hours. What now? What next? How will I cope? 6 weeks? Everything from - more weight, more smokes, more drink, more gaming, more isolation, more loneliness, more conflict, more stress at work, more pressures at home. more anxiety, more depression, less money, more tablets, Halloween, birthdays, weddings, funerals, Christmas, loss, separation, new borns, physical health issues and needs, the flu, the weather, the darkness. There is no actual ' mental health' guide for this, these are unprecedented circumstances and your circumstances are unique to you. What we can do? Want to build your positive mindset? Would you like to use these 6 weeks to learn and grow mental health techniques into your daily life? Would you like to be connected with a wellbeing forum teaching some daily techniques and practices, a forum that you can message and have customized responses to your unique needs? Join us at Wellbeing Training for 6 weeks @ €15 per week with 5 sessions per week. 0894371173

simple steps

  1. message or text

  2. register your 6 week membership

  3. receive the link

  4. receive the reminder

  5. log on and join us daily 12pm

  6. message your own particular interests or issues and we will follow up

  7. Feel the transformation

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