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Tuesday Transformation

Transformation is such a big word, weighted with a feeling of something bigger than me, something I felt unattainable. I realized it is not. My transformation this week was:

As a Mum, I like all parents are busy, giving, organising, planning, pleasing, trying all day everyday. My daughter (age 16) and I were tense with eachother, everything was flaring up and nothing important was being argued for or against, nothing was changing, it was becoming a pattern which everyone in the house hated including my daughter and I. This was not something we wanted in our relationship. My transformational moment . . . . . What Would it Look Like for Love to Show up For Her from me right Now? What is it she really is looking for that I can do and manage for her? I know she doesn't know or she would be able to communicate that.

So I asked her did she want a foot rub? would she like me to make her a foot spa? and a cup of tea?

Bingo, that was it!! She wanted love to show up. Although me doing organizing buying cooking planning preparing for school all is out of my love for her, everything I do is born out of love for my children but that doesn't show up as love for them. My transformational moment was what does love look like? She wanted me to just sit and be with her. I can do that.

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