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Thursday Thanks

Where to begin, I am bursting with thanks today. Gratitude's are a kernel of our mental health. Today, I am most thankful for my friends. My father always said to me growing up, 'Grainne, if you have one good friend in life you are blessed'. Some sayings just stick with us, wise or not, agree or not, it sticks. Subconsciously I felt I only could ever really have one good friend. This is not true.

I have lots of friends, amazing wonderful, talented, funny, authentic, compassionate friends. Different types of friends and different types of friendships. Friends that lift me up, make me laugh, believe in me, challenge me and; allow me be a good friend to them too, they share their highs and lows with me which makes me feel so very privileged. To all my wonderful friends, thank you very much.

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