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Saturday Support

Accepting support somehow, has become difficult for people. People who would benefit from support often feel this is a weakness. I challenge this, I think it is a sign of strength. Support is bearing all or some of the weight, giving assistance, holding someone up. Sometimes a professional. All the time often friends, family, neighbors', coaches, acquaintances'. It was in my most difficult times I couldn't ask for help, I didn't know what support I needed, I couldn't even think straight. Though I couldn't see it, people were there and provided me with supports: kind words, a nice meal, lifts for the kids, time, praise, laughter. Giving support is the best gift. Give your support to people around you or to a cause and feel the benefits of providing supports for others. Take the time to recognize what feels like support to you and no matter who you are, your age, your abilities what support can you provide to others?

Saturday Song of Support. The Corrs At Your Side

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