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Monday Motivation

Motivation, it appears to be all about keeping going, keeping positive and spiritis high, never quit, fight the good fight. Well that's battling not motivation. Motivation is our why. Why we do what we do, why we want what we want, our why drives us. Know your why. Mine is simple. I am who I am, how I am and do what I do for two reasons 1. being the best type of parent to each of my individual children is my absolute highest priority, including contributing to a more compassionate world and 2. its my passion to help people understand human behaviour and emotion in the simpliest quickest way possible; experiencing this sharing of this understanding and empowerment thrills me. To explore our why and design our lives to fulfill our why, we must also release our worries, our anxities that bubble just underneath the surface, when we are still, they bubble up. This is normal, let them bubble up, then they are releaaed like fizz and you can deal with them. Call 0894371173 for motivational wellbeing workshops

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