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Monday Mantra

Make It Happen, Keep Moving Forward!

I started the day much more philosophical with my intention and mantra. As the day unfolded, I learned the more practical, hands on reality of my Monday Mantra. I met so many people today with the kids going back to school. Everyone and I mean, everyone, challenged; not just with school, or work but family, loss, ill-health of a loved one, exhaustion and apathy, financially worried, separation, hurt/resentments, addictions, fear and more, All we can do is get through the day. Each day try to keep moving forward, moving in the direction we want to go. I was tasked with many jobs outside of my control; honestly, I was overwhelmed. My mantra was 'make it happen!' i met each demand as it arose, gritted my teeth and powered through, Meditate and Hydrate! I kept a clear head, focused, calm and just kept moving forward.

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