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Monday Mantra

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Monday manage your mindset. Take this mantra, learn it and say it to yourself anytime of day, especially when its tough, you're tired, you're sore, you're upset. Even though it does not feel true, even when you feel the opposite, manage your mindset because where your focus goes your energy will flow

I’m Doing This for Me

In many situations, I'm doing it for others - for my kids, my parents, my bosses, my clients BUT when I'm doing it for me, I've more to give to.

For example, the gym this morning, TRX session usually very tough, its not my favourite class but it's good for strength building and coordination so I do it. I never remember the positions, the sequence or the right technique so I always have to look around. Most importantly though I cannot compare myself to others, I am doing it for me, I am there for my strength, my coordination, my mental health and production of endorphins.

So when its touch, I'm sore, I want to slow down, give up I didn't count how many burpees I had left, I repeated din my head 'Im Doing This For me'.

All too often in life we are crippled by our fear of what other people will think. We are often times so consumed with keeping others happy that we forget to chase our own aspirations. This mantra is not intended to promote selfishness, but remind us that the best and only way to help others is to help ourselves first.


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