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Despondent is the word that captures the feelings I'm experiencing, seeing and hearing. Despondent means in low spirits from loss of hope or courage -disheartened · discouraged · dispirited · downhearted · low-spirited · hopeless · downcast · cast down · crestfallen · down · low · disconsolate · despairing · wretched · oppressed · melancholy · gloomy · glum · morose. I recognise and hear all the positives people are proposing; that we have to be in lockdown, it is for the best. People are encouraging others to have a positive attitude, schools are still open, it's hibernation time anyway. At this time, amidst the uncertainty and the transition, we experience feelings of transition. This is normal for all of us. It is a change in our lives, in our daily routines. Wellbeing Tips

  1. Stay connected (what does that mean and look like to you)

  2. Have purpose (have your life plan, your major goals and what projects/tasks fit into that overall goal over these coming weeks)

  3. Help others/contribute: be a part of something outside yourself

  4. Do physical activity ( whatever you enjoy, whatever is part of your physical health goal. Whatever contributes to your life longevity, mobility, strength and coordination - these are physical fitness pillars). Physical Health goes hand in hand with mental health

  5. Sleep (this has been an increasing area of concern for people, one of the keys to healthy sleep is having a consistent wake and rising time, whenever that is, make it the same everyday)

  6. Get help early: the sooner you identify a concern, get help and get the right help: this saves money, time and pain. When we address what needs to be addressed in the right way. (message anytime for information)

  7. Daily routine: you will slip into a routine anyway, plan it in line with your goals, your wellbeing. At the end of lockdown, what would you like to have achieved for yourself? what can you look back and say that you were pleased you made use of that time?

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