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COVID Alcohol & Drugs

There were 7500 cases of people treated for alcohol use, 884 of whom also used cocaine, 550 who also used tablets (Health Research Board, 2019). 70% of these cases were alcohol or drug dependent. 30% were having problems with alcohol or drugs. These are the numbers of people registered for alcohol and drug treatment, there are significantly more people who address these issues in another way. The impact of COVID on anxiety, uncertainty, financial stress, lock down, restrictions, working remotely, family pressures, compounded existing problems and coping with new problems has not being measured. But we know and we see these impacts. We know the increase in alcohol sales, we know COVID cocktails, gin trends, wine o clock and the level of normality and acceptability of our unhealthy relationship with alcohol and other drugs. Alcohol and other drugs also impact our physical and mental health, for starters; it suppresses feelings, acts as a distraction and exaggerates anxiety, depression, paranoia. Wellbeing Training offers A Living For Today Programme for over 18s. Living For Today is confidential private online, daily recovery led meetings and additional resources to support you sustain your recovery and wellbeing. This programme has being born out of international research and programmes molded into digestible chunks, in keeping with our values of connection, humanity, creativity, direction and laughter. Join us on 7am and/or 8.30pm Zoom meeting ID 3397116492 code 1616 all welcome

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