School Wellbeing Workshops

Our workshops and programmes support primary and secondary schools with the CPSE and SPHE curriculum

At secondary level we focus on: Drug education, drugs and alcohol information, why, what happens, personal choices, risks, safety, and options. We also discuss anxiety, depression, sexuality and relationships, self harm and suicide, adolescents' mental health. We talk about  why, what happens, controlling yourself, situations and events, personal choice, risk, safety and options.

At primary level we discuss (age appropriate approach) drugs, alcohol, mental health (WHO 5 age 9 plus) , suicide,self harm, eating disorders, adolescence, puberty, sexuality, relationships, loss/grief, separation & divorce, transitioning/managing change, coping and problem solving.

We use WHO 5*, the evidence based wellbeing index and look at each of the five wellbeing areas. 

* The World Health Organisation- Five Well-Being Index (WHO-5) is a short self-reported measure of current mental wellbeing. It was first introduced in 1998 by the WHO Regional Office in Europe as part of the DEPCARE project on well-being measures in primary health care. ​The index has been found to have validity in screening for depression and in measuring outcomes in clinical trials.(Winther Topp et al., 2015). 

Learning To Learn
We tap into every child's individual learning style.  We empower them with experience and techniques to understand their  style, to learn the methods to support their individual learning and master the tools to connect and maximise their brains capacity to learn. (8 weeks, 8 places only €160 per person)
Boxing Gloves
Fresh Kicks

Fresh Kicks is an award-winning programme and can be run over 12 weeks or over a series of half days.

 Fresh Kicks incorporates the possibilities with students to continue for them to sustainably be and consistently delivered Fresh Kicks inhouse; building resilience skills such as compassion, self esteem, self worth, self efficacy, problem solving, communication skills, breathing; in addition to, physical wellness and fitness.

Fresh Kicks will provide trainees with

  • Knowledge of the four pillars of physical health

  • Increased strength, cardio fitness and mobility

  • Body Mind Fit life blueprint based on the physiological and neurological relationships to mental/emotional health and understanding your individual wellbeing (expanding upon martial arts principles and practices, tailoring, transferring and implementing into individual life habits)

  • Subjective leadership skills and style review

  • resilience and compassion


Fresh Kicks is facilitated by two coaches for 12 weeks 1hour sessions, all materials and equipment provided.  For 15 children.  Package is €2500 (less than €14 per head per session).  Fresh Kicks intensive sessions (half day sessions) €800


To secure Fresh Kicks programme dates and these amazing results in physical and mental wellbeing for your clients; call or email Grainne O Kane 0894371173

Training can be tailored to a school's requirements and includes information on the problem area, the Irish context, related statistics, signs, symptoms, and effects (of the problem areas in the context of school), and teaching points to enhance wellbeing awareness and behaviours in a classroom setting.