Staff Education Workshops

We offer off-the-shelf packages as well as programmes tailored specifically to meet your organisation's needs.

We help organisations to demonstrate compassion and fairness, and to support your employees as valued members of the company by providing educational workshops on metal and emotional wellness including loss/grief, drugs/alcohol, stress, gambling, separation & divorce, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicide, parenting and eating disorders.



  • raises employee morale

  • increases productivity

  • reduces staff turnover

  • lowers absenteeism

  • boosts employee engagement

  • increases customer satisfaction

Motivational Speeches

Personal challenges rarely stay at home, and can overwhelm your employees and impact their productivity and well-being. The Wellbeing Training Motivational Speeches are crafted to help employees and their family members cope with life’s toughest obstacles and issues of daily living. We can offer EAP elements of compliment existing EAP. We offer bespoke solutions to fit your business requirements based on your company size, purpose and personnel profiles.

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Training for Management - Professional Development

We use Motivational Interviewing* and Choice Theory** techniques, applying them to case studies across common staff problem areas.

We equip Management to understand and deal with personal problems that are negatively impacting workplace wellbeing, culture, performance and customer service, and provide them with tools and tactics to do so. This reduces the negative impact on other staff and both improves the wellbeing of your staff and increases productivity. It also fosters a culture of gratitude and loyalty.

* Motivational Interviewing is a respected clinical method for evoking behaviour change. It builds on Carl Rogers' optimistic and humanistic theories about people's capabilities for exercising free choice and changing through a process of self-actualization.


It is both person-centered and process-oriented. It emphasizes that optimal behavior change must involve deep personal commitment and engagement, and stresses that genuine empathy and unconditional regard is a necessary condition for the long-term success of behavior change interventions. 


Motivational Interviewing has at its center the concept of motivation, endorsing the development of "internal" motives, personal meaning, and the need for people to take responsibility for change, to the detriment of externally imposed goals and pressures.

**Choice Theory® is based on the simple premise that every individual only has the power to control themselves and has limited power to control others. Applying Choice Theory allows one to take responsibility for one’s own life and at the same time, withdraw from attempting to direct other people’s decisions and lives.


Individuals are empowered to take responsibility for their choices and support others in taking ownership of their choices. Negative behaviors reduce in frequency and intensity, relationships strengthen and satisfaction in life increases.

Workplace Wellbeing Programme 

Effective well-planned and well-executed Wellbeing Workshops are associated with reduced absenteeism, higher productivity and increased employee engagement – all of which ultimately lead to an increase in customer engagement and customer satisfaction.


Our wellbeing workshops are tailored to your organisational and employee culture and need.  We deliver both one-off introductory workshops to introduce the principles and practicalities of emotional wellbeing, and also a series of wellbeing workshops that cover emotional wellbeing and in-depth issues impacting people personally and professionally.

Managing Life Training

During this presentation, employees gain knowledge on personal problem areas that may be impacting both their own and their colleagues' lives. This is demonstrated using both Irish and International statistics. The research-informed presentations cover ten common problem areas and focus on enabling employees to manage their wellbeing at work and at home.

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