Corporate Programmes

Workplace Wellbeing Programme

Wellbeing workshops can be measured to reduce absenteeism, increase attendance and increase employee engagement ultimately increasing customer engagement and customer satisfaction

Staff Education Workshop

Support companies demonstrate compassion and fairness; support employees as valued persons/members of the company by providing education workshops on loss/grief, drugs/alcohol, stress, gambling, separation & divorce, anxiety, depression, self harm, suicide and eating disorders

Training for Managers

Using Motivational Interveiwing and Choice Theory techniques using case studies across common staff problem areas

Equip Management to understand and deal with Personal problems impacting  workplace wellbeing, culture, performance and customer service

Managing life training

Employees gain knowledge on personal problem areas impacting both their own and colleagues lives.  This is demonstrated with Irish and International statistics, research informed presentations’ on 10 common problem areas including managing wellbeing at work and at home.