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Standards and Reviews

Support organisations and funders audit their current policies, procedure’s and practices aligned with evidence based best practises and quality standards relevant to both training and healthcare.

We will support a whole organisational approach to  review policies, procedures and practices focusing on service user experience and satisfaction; as part of an outcome based improvement plan outlining the core actions, resources and documentation to implement within a specific time period.

Brief Intervention
A helpful structured conversation that may be a one-off or multiple engagements over a 4-6 week period,  this is not a counseling session.
Crisis Intervention

Professional problem solving to provide clarity in chaos, to identify steps to manage the crisis and provide direction for: employees, employers and teachers.

Psychological First Aid

A one to one or group session responding to a trauma which occurred in the past 6 weeks. Normalising responses to traumatic events. Trauma is subjective to each individual.  Psychological First Aid can minimise any mental health problems that might manifest as a result of the trauma either consciously or unconsciously. 

Motivational Interviewing

MI is a talking therapy developed to help people in resolving their contradictory ambivalent and mixed insecurities and feelings. All to help them find the motivation that they need so they can become more able in changing whole or just parts of behavior they manifest. A motivational interview is a short-term, practical and empathetic process. The fact that life-changing decisions are complicated and difficult for everyone is part of the process.