Who We are 

Wellbeing Training is a new organisation, built on strong foundations. 

Set up in 2018 by Grainne O'Kane, (BSoc Sc, Hdip CYW, HDip RDS, MA Equality), we help people and professionals to address personal and social care problems. 

We have the expertise to provide the education and tools to equip people to address common problem areas affecting their lives.  These issues include drugs, alcohol, video gaming, gambling, eating disorders, loss/grief, stress, bullying, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicide, separation, divorce and communication skills.  We deliver evidence-based experiential learning through training and lectures.

We are a multi disciplinary team experienced and expert in our individuals areas, with a commitment and dedication to people, their families and their wellbeing.  We work collectively on the understanding that problems do not occur in isolation.  As a result, we need to work together to have the resources and expertise to provide the best customised programme to each individual.  We are dedicated to doing what works for people and using multiple methodologies.  Different strokes for Different folks, for some its talking therapies, for other physical fitness, music, art, mindfulness, education, adventure, energy; whatever your interested in and comfortable with we build upon. 

About Grainne

Grainne is an experienced rehabilitation specialist skilled in troubleshooting and developing care pathways, facilitating client progression and coordinating case management. Using evidence-based practice, Gráinne works at a local level with both services and clients, at a regional level with multidisciplinary teams and at a national level contributing to the national screening and brief intervention project.

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Over the past 20 years, Gráinne has worked on projects including the female offenders programme and the hospital liaison initiative. She has coordinated interdisciplinary teams including dual diagnosis, housing and homelessness, and worked in child welfare, under 18's, and mental health.

Gráinne delivers training in Motivational Interviewing, Choice Theory, Talking about Drugs & Alcohol with Adolescents, Building Confidence in Communication Skills and Public Speaking.